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The Poolrooms Experience is a short horror game inspired by the popular web-horror.

Originally this was going to be just a small map the player could walk around, but instead , I decided to add two different areas and a few scares, please keep this in mind as it is just a small project, compared to the other things I am working on.

Please enjoy and stay tuned!



The Poolrooms Experience.zip 577 MB


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The game was fun. Wish it were longer, but good work!


My playtrough of your game


Creepy game, good work :)


Thank for this game !

This was Awesome! Lil Beef loves the poolrooms and he gave this a big thumbs up. adding the chair, bust, etc gave something to cool to see while not adding so much it would lose its empty feel. The light and dark versions of the poolrooms was a great choice to show how the world can turn on a dime. lil beef didn't expect finish so fast hence why we joked this is a speed run. 
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J'aime beaucoup ce jeu dans l'esprit backrooms . Court mais intense et l'ambiance angoissante est bien présente !

Merci et continuez comme ca :]


Short but fun. Never did really get to go swimming tho.

nice graphics experiences, thanks!

love it very much thank you :):):):):)

Thank you for playing!